Hanover Hotel - Karoo at it's best

Karoo at it's best

About Hanover

Hanover lies in the heart of the Great Karoo on the N1 highway: half way between Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as Cape Town and Durban it is also halfway between Port Elizabeth and Prieska. Due to its convenient geographical  location it is on the road to EVERYWHERE ! and becoming one of the most popular stop-overs for travellers.

A true Karoo experience where you will still see donkey carts, old water channels and the imposing dutch Reformed church.

The town was established in 1854 on farmland purchased from a farmer named Gous, who requested that the town be named after his ancestor from Germany. When the first houses were built they were compelled to be built directly on the edge of the main road with their gardens at the rear. Owners had to pay a shilling a year tax for the privilege of having a stoep at the front of the house encroaching the road and this tax is still imposed to this day.

An interesting town

Famous residents – The writer Olive Schreiner lived in Hanover  (you can still visit Olive Schreiner house) and  Zwelenzima Vavi  the General Secretary of the powerful Cosatu-movement was born in Hanover. 

.Agora crafts - a gift Shop is run by local farmers' wives. Browse the many exclusive treats ranging from art to jewellery, clothing, soaps and yummy things to eat.

Oom Daan’s Walk -  starting at 6pm from Bun Clody Guesthouse, corner Market (Mark) and Murray Streets, this walk will take you on memory lane to days gone by and Oom Daan will tell you stories about the town that will keep you captured  

Lesser Kestrels - These birds are endangered species and are protected. They fly to Hanover once a year for a few months from Asia. There is a map and information board on the Hotel front veranda. Large flocks of birds can be seen circling over Hanover early in the morning or at sunset. They roost communally - up to thousands of birds per tree

But most of all ………

Marvel at the wide open spaces whilst watching the sunrise or sunset colours softening the skies. When the stars come out you will be rewarded with a clear view of the magnificent heavens.